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From Thorsten Elfert <thorsten.elf...@db.com>
Subject Re: Oracle date type mapping issue
Date Thu, 08 Nov 2007 08:04:16 GMT
well, this does not work as well. I tried:

<result property="validFrom" column="VALID_FROM" jdbcType="TIMESTAMP"/>

and I tried:

<result property="validFrom" column="VALID_FROM" jdbcType="TIMESTAMP" 

the time gets truncated all the time.


Gwyn Evans <gwyn.evans@gmail.com> 
07.11.2007 17:34
Please respond to

Thorsten Elfert/OuB/Zentrale/DeuBa@dbcom
Re: Oracle date type mapping issue

Hi Thorsten,

On 07 November 2007, 3:58:47 PM, Thorsten Elfert wrote:



I use Oracle 9i, JDK 5 and the latest iBatis Release. Whenever I read a 
date object out of oracle and map it into a java.util.Date attribute the 
time gets truncated. I tried already to set explicitly the javaType as 
java.util.Date or java.sql.Timestamp and the jdbcType as DATE in the 
sql-map but it does not solve the problem. What is the correct way to map 
a java.util.Date to the Oracle Date Object ? (In the database the date and 
time gets stored correctly) 

Try using the jdbcType as TIMESTAMP as the SQL DATE type only contains a 
See "Dates and Times" here - 



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