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From "Davide Rogora" <drog...@unionefiduciaria.it>
Subject R: Reporting with iBatis
Date Tue, 27 Nov 2007 09:09:58 GMT
thanks for your reply.

It's a pity that iBatis could not return a java.sql.resultset to be passed
to JasperReports for the following reasons:
1) Now all the sql statements of our application are in sqlmap xml files
2) If we cannot use iBatis for the reports we cannot use the powerful
feature of "Dynamic mapped statements"

Do you think that this feature will be implemented in future versions of
If we add this feature by creating a custom version of iBatis do you think
this will be easy?


> Brandon and I had to do this once - we decided it was easier to not
> use iBATIS for 2 reasons.

> The first was what you are describing: it's a pain to get that data
> into Jasper for iBATIS.

> Second, the design tool for Jasper worked better with SQL that other
> data sources.

> As much as iBATIS helps in lots of other cases, it doesn't so much in
> this one. :)

> Larry

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