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From Ralf Assmann <ralf.assm...@innovations.de>
Subject Using # in a schema name?
Date Thu, 15 Nov 2007 13:55:03 GMT

Hi there,

using iBATIS, we have to problem setting the schema name of a table.

If the statement is defined as

SELECT field1
WHERE field2 = #field2#

and the ${schema} set to "ab#123" in den configuration files (the schema 
name ist given as a username, no change is possible), iBATIS tries to 
execute a statement like

SELECT field1
WHERE field2 = #field2#

Now, the problem is, that # is a placeholder for attributes, iBATIS 
tries to find a getter for #123.TESTTABLE WHERE field2 = #.

How is it possible to set a schema name including a # in its name?

Many thanks.


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