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From Dave.De...@Equifax.com
Subject Problem executing dynamic SQL statement
Date Fri, 26 Oct 2007 13:25:28 GMT

I'm having a problem with a dynamic statement. It is executed against
different tables that have different structures. But it seems that the
columns for the first execution are being cached somehow. The statement is

<select id="getScoreCounts" parameterClass="map" resultClass=
      select      * from
      <iterate open="(" close=")" conjunction="),(" property="scoreCodes">
            select count($scoreCodes[]$) as $scoreCodes[]$
            from $tableName$
            where $scoreCodes[]$ is not null and record_type = #recordType#

The result is the same without the <dynamic> tag. The logged statement
looks correct, but the SQL error references a column from a previous

For example, in the logs I'll see something like

select * from      (    select count(COL_A) as COL_A from TABLE_X where
COL_A is not null and record_type = ?   ),(    select count(COL_B) as COL_B
from TABLE_A where COL_B is not null and record_type = ?   )

this statemnet will succeed. then I'll see something like

select * from      (    select count(COL_A) as COL_A from TABLE_YY where
COL_A is not null and record_type = ?   )

and that will cause a SQL error:

check the result mapping for the 'COL_B' property.
Cause: java.sql.SQLException: Invalid column name

Since there is no 'COL_B' in that statement, this is causing me a lot of
grief; I would sure appreciate some insight on this.

BTW I'm using version, with Spring 2.0.4

Dave Derry

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