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From Albert N Hinrichs <anhinri...@raytheon.com>
Subject strange output from result set logging
Date Fri, 14 Sep 2007 23:48:16 GMT
Sorry if this hits twice, I'm new to the list.

IBatis seems to be working fine, but, when showing logging output, we get 
strange outputs on result sets.  For every column that has a typehandler, 
we get multiple instances (apparently) in the header and values in the 

For instance:

If I run:

select a, b, c, d from t left join x on t.a = x.a left join y on t.a = y.a

and b comes from t, c comes from x, and d comes from y and b, c, and d 
have typehandlers, I get something like

{rset - xxxxxxxx} ResultSet
{rset - xxxxxxxx} Header:  [a, b, b, b, b, b, c, c, d, d]
{rset - xxxxxxxx} Result: [1, ABC, ABC, ABC ,ABC, ABC, DEF, DEF, GHI, GHI]

Now, this may be problem specific, but we always seem to get 5 for enums, 
and 2 for regular types.  In other words it the type handler is an enum 
handler there are 5 instances, and if
it is just a regular type handler we get 2.

We also noticed that the logging output seems to enter the typehandlers 
before we get the resultset output.  I would think that it should be the 
other way around.

Nothing seems to be broken, things all seem to work, we were just looking 
for a possible explaination for this behavior.

Using Postgresql with Postgis.



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