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From "Yuvraj Shinde" <Yuvraj.Shi...@sos.sungard.com>
Subject how to execute a complete dynamic querry in ibatis(urgent)
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2007 09:14:01 GMT
	Hi all,


	  I am executing a dynamic query using <dynamic> tag.

	  When I call this select query for first time it works well.
But for second time when I pass new query it doesn't work.

	  As ibatis use prepared statement to construct a query. It
always refer to first query columns and give exception for second query.

	  Is there is any way to disable prepared statement in
ibatis.can some body give the solution.



	 Following is mine query.




	  <select id="SEARCH_QUERRY_DATA" parameterClass="String"
resultClass="java.util.HashMap" >







	  First time value of querryString is " select * from bank" -
works fine.

	  Second time value of  querryString is " select * from cust" -
doesn't works as query refer to columns of first table ie bank because
of prepared   







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