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From "Fabio Collini" <fcoll...@omniagroup.it>
Subject R: R: Abator factory extension - best practices
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2007 09:17:35 GMT
Thank you for your reply.
We followed your suggestions regarding the
first two points. We didn't change the visibility of
the properties, they are all public like before.
A CommentGenerator interface is a great idea and it would be a very nice
feature in the direction of a even more extendibility.
Sorry for the delay of this answer....
bye and thank you

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Da: Jeff Butler [mailto:jeffgbutler@gmail.com] 
Inviato: martedì 28 agosto 2007 21.26
A: user-java@ibatis.apache.org
Oggetto: Re: R: Abator factory extension - best practices

Regarding protected get/set methods...this would be simple to implement on
your own.  Write a class that subclasses the appropriate JavaModelGenerator
you are using, override the "generateClassParts" method, and then specify
this class in the Abator configuration as the java model generator. 
If I were to implement this, I would likely do it as a property to the
JavaModelGenerator rather than a column by column override.  Seems to me
that most folks would want the visibility set the same for every member -
not needed on an individual basis.  Also, this wouldn't require any DTD
changes.  But, because these are not "real" domain objects, I think it's
kind of an unusual request.  Anyone else have comments about this? 
Regarding the custom comment request, I have heard this request before.
What if we did some kind of "CommentGenerator" interface that could be
plugged in?
Jeff Butler

On 8/28/07, Fabio Collini <fcollini@omniagroup.it> wrote: 

Hello Jeff,
thank you for your reply. We're glad to hear that the way
you suggest of using Abator is quite similar to what we were
thinking about. The idea of having some factory came
out from the need to generate pojos with properties (get and set) protected.
We thought to achieve this with the following steps:
1) add a new attribute, visibility, to the xml element "columnoverride"
2) changing the DTD accordingly 
3) extend the class ColumnOverride to add the new property
4) extend the AbatorConfigurationParser to handle columnoverride.visibility
5) modify the bean generator to obtain bean with proptected getter/setter
It's difficult to obtain this because there are explicit costructor
of the parser and of the ColumnOverride (for example inside the method
We thought that a factory for the parser and the ColumnOverride object would
solve this problem and make the design 
more extendible. What do you think?
Another question: is it possible to customize the behavior of the
bean/dao/sqlmap generators 
so that you can specify your own comment to be inserted? A setComment
Thank you

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