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From "Jonathan Alvarsson" <jonathan.alvars...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: What about those JavaBeans?
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2007 15:02:42 GMT
On 8/9/07, Larry Meadors <lmeadors@apache.org> wrote:
> OK, you lost me.
> Do you mean EJB is bloaty? If that is what you are talking about, then
> I'd agree - they are a bit bloaty (although I have heard v3 is much
> better). That said, EJB really has almost nothing to do with iBATIS.
> You can use iBATIS from within EJBs, but that's about as close as they
> come - iBATIS does not rely on EJB.
> Where does anything anywhere say that you have to use beans with
> iBATIS? You *can* use beans. You can also use Maps or fields directly.

Okey I thought so. I must have miss understod it.

In my opinion, it is a good practice to use beans, because it's a
> pretty common pattern used by nearly all Java applications, but it is
> by no means required.
> You should keep reading and do a little experimentation before
> complaining / criticizing. :-)

Oh I didn't mean to complain / criticize in that case I would have kept my
mouth shut and stayed with Hibernate. (No use in critizising how other
people do things) But I had a hunch that I had missunderstood something and
it is better to ask living people than to read on in a book with an
assumption that things are in a bad way. I just realised that the book is
written for those comming from the JDBC direction and not from the Hibernate

// Jonathan

> On 8/9/07, Jonathan Alvarsson <jonathan.alvarsson@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi I have been working a bit with Hibernate and want to get a look at
> > iBatis. I have read the first 80-90 pages of the "iBatis in action" book
> and
> > I am a bit confused.
> >
> > JavaBeans?! Isn't that that horribly bloaty standard that everyone tells
> me
> > to avoid? What's it doing in what I thought was a lightweight and easy
> > framework?
> >
> > I read that iBatis doesn't make any demands on the domain model. Then
> the
> > book says that I should use JavaBeans and mumbles something about a 114
> > pages specification and starts to tell me about the most basic stuffs
> about
> > JavaBeans and more or less hints that this will not be enough. I feel
> > somewhat confused now. Isn't this a demand on the domain model?
> >
> > Please explain this because it just doesn't make sence to me...
> >
> > --
> > // Jonathan

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