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From "Jdev" <davypulin...@telenet.be>
Subject Question using order by
Date Mon, 06 Aug 2007 13:11:59 GMT
Is there really nobody who can help me using an order by?
I have searched on the Internet but I can find nothing useful.
I have post this question a couple of days ago, but I have got still no answer.


I have the following query which must be converted to Ibatis.
But I don’t know how I must write the SUBSTR and DESC in Ibatis

private final String select1 =
        "SELECT refnumber, rownumber, begindate, enddate, officenumber, " +
FROM " + ConnectDB.schema1 + ".office " +
        "WHERE refnumber LIKE ? " +
        "ORDER BY substr(refnumber,16,12) DESC, refnumber, begindate DESC ";

Abator has everything generated and everything works perfectly, except I don’t know how
to write the query in the Ibatis xml file for SUBSTR and DESC.
Below a small query what Abator has generated and the query mentioned below must be extended
to what above stands.
Can someone explain me how or what is the best way to process the above query to my new Ibatis
query mentioned below.

<select id="………etc….
select refnumber, rownumber, begindate, enddate, officenumber
    from ${schema1}.office
      <include refid="office.abatorgenerated_Example_Where_Clause"/>
      <isNotNull property="orderByClause">
        order by $orderByClause$

Thank you in advance,

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