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From "Fábio Pisaruk" <pisa...@gmail.com>
Subject XmlBeans and IBatis
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2007 18:04:07 GMT
I ´ve been using ibatis altogether with xmlbeans in my last project and i
was very frustrated with ibatis lack of a feature to deal with java arrays.
So, after too much attempts to make it work with arrays i´ve decide on
change it´s code.
First of all i agree that use Collection is much more elegant than array and
that array should be deprecated when one is talking about object oriented
paradigm but who am i to complain?
Second, of course i could have solved my issue in a dozens different manners
but it would require too much code for my taste.
If anyone had ever faced this problem and want to share opinions and/or
code, by my guest to do it.
After my code has passed my own tests requirements i have plans to share it
but... who knows.. maybe it will be useful just for me.

that´s all for now.

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