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From Ole Trenner <ole.tren...@gmx.de>
Subject Re: Question about Abator
Date Sun, 26 Aug 2007 15:59:19 GMT
NehaP wrote:
> The xml files, DAOs and particularly the Example file generated by Abator
> are very useful, hand-coding these would be more difficult than having them
> generated by Abator. The flexibility of Abator is limited only due to the
> fact that we cannot specify a custom Model bean. If we could, then giving
> Abator the mapping between the custom bean and the existing database columns
> would be as tough as simply specifying a resultMap in an SQLMap file (and
> not as tough as writing the whole SQLMap file itself).

In what way do the abator generated model classes differ from yours?

If only the property names are different, you can configure every
property using columnOverride or columnIgnore statements.

If abator just adds code you don't wnat to see, you might consider
inheriting from the abtorgenerated model classes.

If abator ignores your own inheritance scheme, you can set a base class
for your generated model files.


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