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From Diran Ayandele <Adediran.Ayand...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: [Fwd: Passing a connection to ibatis.]
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2007 19:22:30 GMT
    Option A - it always fails when first requested or else succeeds.  I 
run several (6 I think) queries per cycle and once connected never have 
a problem.  Here is the jdbc url for giggles.

It always works fine when I am testing it in netbeans and regularly 
fails when I excute it from the jar not that it should make any difference.


Clinton Begin wrote:

>Does the driver always fail fast upon requesting it from the data
>source?  Or is it possible that even after executing 3 of 5 statements
>successfully, it could fail on the 4th?
>On 8/10/07, Diran Ayandele <Adediran.Ayandele@sun.com> wrote:
>>  Hi, I have a flaky oracle 11i grid db that I have to connect to.
>>Sometimes it works and sometimes not.  I think this is a problem with
>>the tns setup on some of the nodes, but I have no control over any of
>>that.  So, I've written a looping connector for the database which
>>returns a jdbc Connection when it's finished.  Is there a way I can pass
>>this to iBatis?  I'm only using sqlMaps and have no DAO to speak of.
>>I'd like to be able to plug this into a SqlMapClient object.
>>Thanks for any assistance guys!

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