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From "Davy" <davypulin...@telenet.be>
Subject RE: Small problem with date.
Date Wed, 08 Aug 2007 19:41:07 GMT
Hooow, then I have a big problem, is there now other way to get 8 numbers
(date) out of that specific number?
Is this really not possible in Ibatis.
Adding an extra column in the table is a problem.
What would be the best way outside adding and extra column to the database
to solve this problem?
Any suggestion would be nice.


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From: Richard Yee [mailto:ryee@cruzio.com] 
Sent: woensdag 8 augustus 2007 16:14
To: user-java@ibatis.apache.org
Subject: Re: Small problem with date.

I suggest adding a date column to your table. It will make things a lot 
easier in the long run. You can run a program on your existing data to 
populate the new field. the search performance will be better too.


davy wrote:
> I have the next problem, I have a query which must filters a certain
period out a number. for example:
> this is the number 54789635479E200708081545 this means 
> 2007 year 08 month 08 day 15 hour 45 minutes.
> Now, i have a query (substr(number,13,8) between ? and ? 
> This means that the user can give a certain from date and until date
(year,month,day) sow the query will search on this date in these number
> I have developed this :
> Example.setOrderByClause("substr(number,13,8)");
> Example.createCriteria().andnumberBetween(fDate, uDate);
> fDate and uDate = are both strings, these are the 2 dates that the user
has given to search for. 
> for example 
> fDate = 20050101 from 
> uDate = 20063112 until
> When i use the query, al my numbers are displayd, butt the query have not
worked properly.
> Is there someone that has a proposal how it must be done. 

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