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From "Ashok Madhavan" <ashok.madha...@gmail.com>
Subject Which to choose : iBatis or Hibernate
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2007 18:29:12 GMT
Hi All,

we are presently using iBatis in one of our project. In that project there
are lots of objects which need the CRUD and some CRUD + something more. we
really like the namespace feature in iBatis and use to the max here. We use
Abator to do the code generation. We use a common DAO ( and Impl) for those
object which just need the CRUD. In those cases where the object needs
additional methods other than CRUD, we create new DAO Interface and Impl for
those additional methods. We use the namespace to differentiate the
different objects. With Spring, we inject the proper namespace and the
proper dao. We use Struts for the front-end. We inject the DAO into Struts
using Spring. For objects needing just CRUD, we use the same Action class.
For objects needing more than CRUD, we extend this action class and
implement the new methods.

So if need a new object which needs CRUD, all we need to do is

   - create java objects/xml with abator
   - create new JSPs
   - create new struts mapping
   - add struts changes to the spring config file.

If we need a new Object which has CRUD + more, all we do is

   - first four steps as above
   - New Dao and Impl extending the common DAO and Common Impl for the
   additional methods.
   - New Action Class extending the common Action class for the
   additional methods.

and we are done. The productivity of the team is pretty high because of the
above reasons. And testability is sky-high too.

Now i am coming to my question. In a new project, we are also thinking of
Hibernate. For this project most of the people who will be working will  be
new to Hibernate as well as iBatis. I feel with the name space stuff,
code-generator etc, iBatis provides a better approach with respect to fast
churn of testable code. other things like performance etc might remain the

is my assumption right. Does Hibernate have namespace support like in

Looking forward for your valuable comments and suggestions.


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