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From Gwyn Evans <gwyn.ev...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: iBATIS Survey (10 Minutes)
Date Tue, 10 Jul 2007 16:22:09 GMT
Hmm - well, as the one doing the choosing, I can assure you that in
some instances, what you actually got was the result of
'rand([b,c,d])', which you'll have no option but to collate that as a
vote for (e.g.) 'b', rather than a 1/3rd vote for b, c & d...

While I understand what you are trying for, from this side of the
survey, it /seems/ that it'll give you flawed results! Hopefully
there'll be enough responses to mean that it's not so, though.


On Monday, July 9, 2007, 11:53:02 PM, Clinton <clinton.begin@gmail.com> wrote:

> No information is lost.  It's completely dependent upon what
> information we're looking for. And what we're looking for is the MOST
> important things to people, not the top three, or even the top two.
> Just one and only one.

> I want to force you to choose.

> Worry not, nothing will be left out.

> Cheers,
> Clinton

> On 7/9/07, Gwyn Evans <gwyn.evans@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hmm, not sure I really agree with you there - having done the survey,
>> there were a number of questions where having to choose just 1 item
>> felt as misleading as choosing all would have been.
>> The correct answers would have been a few of the items.  You may
>> believe that one always stands out, but certainly with my answers,
>> there are answers where you will see an answer as 'b', for example,
>> but in reality, it could have been 'b','c' or 'd' but not 'a' or 'e'.
>> There's information being lost there!

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