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From Henry Lu <z...@umich.edu>
Subject Re: Which to choose : iBatis or Hibernate
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2007 18:48:58 GMT
iBatis is the way to go.


Ashok Madhavan wrote:
> Hi All,
> we are presently using iBatis in one of our project. In that project 
> there are lots of objects which need the CRUD and some CRUD + 
> something more. we really like the namespace feature in iBatis and use 
> to the max here. We use Abator to do the code generation. We use a 
> common DAO ( and Impl) for those object which just need the CRUD. In 
> those cases where the object needs additional methods other than CRUD, 
> we create new DAO Interface and Impl for those additional methods. We 
> use the namespace to differentiate the different objects. With Spring, 
> we inject the proper namespace and the proper dao. We use Struts for 
> the front-end. We inject the DAO into Struts using Spring. For objects 
> needing just CRUD, we use the same Action class. For objects needing 
> more than CRUD, we extend this action class and implement the new 
> methods.
> So if need a new object which needs CRUD, all we need to do is
>     * create java objects/xml with abator
>     * create new JSPs
>     * create new struts mapping
>     * add struts changes to the spring config file.
> If we need a new Object which has CRUD + more, all we do is
>     * first four steps as above
>     * New Dao and Impl extending the common DAO and Common Impl for
>       the additional methods.
>     * New Action Class extending the common Action class for the
>       additional methods.
> and we are done. The productivity of the team is pretty high because 
> of the above reasons. And testability is sky-high too.
> Now i am coming to my question. In a new project, we are also thinking 
> of Hibernate. For this project most of the people who will be working 
> will  be new to Hibernate as well as iBatis. I feel with the name 
> space stuff, code-generator etc, iBatis provides a better approach 
> with respect to fast churn of testable code. other things like 
> performance etc might remain the same.
> is my assumption right. Does Hibernate have namespace support like in 
> iBatis.
> Looking forward for your valuable comments and suggestions.
> regards
> Ashok

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