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From "Nathan Maves" <nathan.ma...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Help with HashMap
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2007 21:48:37 GMT
Apology accepted.

First off lets take a trip down the old API.

from http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.5.0/docs/api/java/util/HashMap.html

"This class makes no guarantees as to the order of the map; in particular,
it does not guarantee that the order will remain constant over time."

Second, you can create the order when you pull them out.  But I am guessing
that you are using some sort of iterator to loop through the map and print
out the results, since you dont know the column names.  I can only suggest
that you try to create some result classes and not use maps.  Maps are great
for parameter maps but are generally frowned upon as a result class.  As a
last resort you might get away with trying to use LlinkedHashMap from


On 7/2/07, Rick Accountius <rickac@us.ibm.com> wrote:
> Greetings,
> I'm kind of new to Ibatis, so if I'm missing the obvious, let me apologize
> right up front.
> Nonetheless, here is my problem.  I am using a HashMap as the resultClass
> to retrieve results from a DB2 database.  My problem is the column order
> (not row order) returned appears to be almost random.  How do I "force"
> Ibatis to return the columns in the same order as they appear (returned)
> in the SQL query?
> For example, here is my query:
> SELECT A as COL_A, B as COL_B, C as COL_C from tablexxxx
> My results can be COL_B, COL_A, COL_C..........or COL_C, COL_B,
> COL_A..........or , etc, etc.
> I have logged java.sql and the columns are being returned in the proper
> order, but eventually they get "realigned".  Can someone explain to me
> why?  I'd really appreciate it.  I know I can use a ResultMap to have the
> columns listed in the proper order, but what I'm trying to do is use the
> same Ibatis select statement to "service" arbitrary SQL statements.  Hope
> I'm making sense.
> <select id="getReport" parameterClass="com.ibm.bean.ReportDefinition"
> resultClass="java.util.HashMap" remapResults="true">
>        $query$
> </select>
> Thanks,
> Regards,
> Rick Accountius
> Internet: rickac@us.ibm.com

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