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From c.ze...@ads.it
Subject nullable enum columns: valueOf() vs getResult()
Date Mon, 18 Jun 2007 13:04:32 GMT

> Re: I have a TypeHandler that converts Y/N to boolean, but sometimes Y/N
might be null...

Hi all
My issue here is a bit different
I have a TypeHandler that loads some string values (a VARCHAR column with a
finite set of strings) and converts then into a Java enum; the column is
When the column is null also the corresponding Java enumeration for that
column should be null.

Section 12.2.1 of iBatis in action explains how to map a boolean-like type
into the Java's boolean. Explains valueOf() in terms of null value
The case here si diferent
Well, if the column is null I would like here to get a null.

Should i write somethig like

      getResult( ResultGetter pResultGetter ) throws SQLException
            String lString = pResultGetter.getString();
            MyEnum lResult;
            if ( lString == null )
                  return null;

or should in some way rely on the valueOf()?
Well, controlling the execution by mean of the the debugger I realized
that, valuOf() is not called at all. Instead it holds

pResultGetter.getString() == null

when getResult() is called.

I guess that in this case, valueOf() is unuseful, it won't be called, we
should rely onto getResult() only.
Is that right?

Thanks in advance for any reply
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