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From Nasser.Shahchera...@healthnet.com
Subject Re: checking for Database changes
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2007 16:35:56 GMT
Make the trigger put new records in a temp table as well as in the original
table.  Remove records from the temp table as you successfully process the
records. In case of error keep the record in the temp table until record is
successfully processed.

             "Ashish Kulkarni"                                             
             3@gmail.com>                                               To 
             06/04/2007 07:02                                           cc 
                                       Re: checking for Database changes   
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The problem is, i can put a trigger on database, but what happens is if the
java process fails, there is no way to resubmit this process, so those
records will be in database for ever,
so the work around is to have java process monitor database and process
records as soon as they enter the database.

any suggestions on the issue

On 6/4/07, Nathan Maves <nathan.maves@gmail.com> wrote:

  My first thought is to let the database do this for you.  I would use a
  trigger on the tables that you are watching.  At that point you can
  trigger events as they come in.  With out a little more background on the
  problem statement I am not sure how much help we can give.


  On 6/1/07, Ashish Kulkarni < ashish.kulkarni13@gmail.com> wrote:
   I have a requirement where i have to constantly monitor a database for
   changes, for example if thers is an row added, or row changed the java
   program will process those records.
   is there any good way of doing it, currently i am thinking of writing a
   TimerTask which will sleep for 5-10 seconds to read the database.
   I have a flag in database which is updated when it is processed, so i
   need to monitor for all the rows where this flag is not updated.

   any ideas?


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