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From Christopher.Mathru...@sybase.com
Subject RE: checking for Database changes
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2007 20:08:56 GMT
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<DIV dir=ltr align=left><SPAN class=623590720-01062007><FONT face=Arial 
color=#0000ff size=2>Take a look at the Quartz timer. If your are using Spring 
it is easy to use and configure.</FONT></SPAN></DIV><BR>
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<FONT face=Tahoma size=2><B>From:</B> "Ashish Kulkarni" 
&lt;ashish.kulkarni13@gmail.com&gt; [mailto:"Ashish Kulkarni" 
&lt;ashish.kulkarni13@gmail.com&gt;] <BR><B>Sent:</B> Friday, June
01, 2007 
12:30 PM<BR><B>To:</B> user-java@ibatis.apache.org<BR><B>Subject:</B>
for Database changes<BR></FONT><BR></DIV>
<DIV></DIV>Hi<BR>I have a requirement where i have to constantly monitor
database for changes, for example if thers is an row added, or row changed the 
java program will process those records.<BR>is there any good way of doing it, 
currently i am thinking of writing a TimerTask which will sleep for 5-10 seconds 
to read the database. <BR>I have a flag in database which is updated when it is 
processed, so i need to monitor for all the rows where this flag is not 
updated.<BR><BR>any ideas?<BR><BR>Ashish<BR></BODY></HTML>

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