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From "Koka Kiknadze" <226...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: iBatis without Bind variables?
Date Fri, 11 May 2007 07:32:04 GMT
Well you can go the $$ way as Larry indicated, but he also did warn you ;)

What I liked in iBatis from the very start was that it's ME who controls all
the sql and I can add optimizer hints  in iBatis <select> statements. I use
Oracle, but hope the following applies to DB2 too:  I'd try including hints
in the first place (of course if your problem persists after recomputing
database stats)


On 5/11/07, Tom Henricksen <TomH@a-t-g.com> wrote:
>  We have a query that is running very slow when running through iBatis
> against DB2.  If we pull that query and run through Aqua Data studio with
> raw SQL (w/o bind variables) it runs fast.  It seems that DB2 is picking a
> different query plan with the bind variables then when we use raw SQL.  We
> even went to test iBatis vs JDBC with Bind variables and JDBC w/o Bind
> variables.  And iBatis and JDBC with Bind variables were both slow were JDBC
> w/o bind variables was fast.  Is it possible to run iBatis w/o bind
> variables?  I would doubt it, just wondering if others have run into similar
> problems and if you had any suggestions. I understand bind variables are a
> good thing.  This just seems like the exception to the rule where they or
> the database isn't doing the correct thing.
> Thanks,
> *Tom Henricksen*
> Consultant
> Advanced Technologies Group, Inc.

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