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From "Fearghal O Maolcatha" <fearghal.omaolca...@gmail.com>
Subject Problem with SCOPE_IDENTITY() with SQL Server 2005 Express
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2007 08:26:01 GMT

I'm currently using Abator to generate the model, sql maps and DAOs for my
SQL Server 2005 Express database. I have a number of tables that have
autogenerated keys and abator is adding the following xml for each of these
keys for the inserts in the sql mapping files:

<selectKey keyProperty="<beanId>" resultClass="java.lang.Integer">



However when I try to use the autogenerated 'insert()' method of the DAO, it
does not return the generated key and the java bean passed as argument
doesn't have it's id property updated. I've verified that a row is being
inserted in the database the the 'insert()' method of the DAO is called but
the <selectKey> part of the insert doesn't seem to be working. I had a look
at previous threads and some had said that they were using the jtds jdbc
driver so I had swiched to jtds-1.2 (I'm currently using the MS SQL Server
2005 JDBC driver, sqljdbc_1.1) but I still encountered the same problem. I
can get the <selectKey> to work by replacing 'SCOPE_IDENTITY()' with
'@@IDENTITY AS' but would prefer not to have to alter the generated xml and
I think it is recommended not to use this as there can be problems if DB
triggers are in use.

I'm using JDK6, sqljdbc_1.1 as the JDBC driver, Ibatis- and SQL
Server Express 2005.

Any help or suggestions on how to rectify the problem would be appreciated.



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