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From Cihat AltuntaƟ <cihat.altun...@erenetyazilim.com>
Subject Caching Strategy Help!
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2007 07:22:39 GMT
Hello everybody. I need your help for caching strategy.Which caching
strategy should I use for my problem. The problem is :

We are developing a GPS Vehicle Tracking Application. We have lots of units
and we have units's genereally static information like plate,type.... from
Unit Table and Unit has a dynamic field from another table GPSInfo. And
GPSInfo contains units momentary gps location.

class Unit
   String plate;
   String MSISDN;
   GPSInfo unitGPSInfo;

class GPSInfo
   double mapX;
   double mapY;

and ResultMap like this

        <result property="unit.unitID" column="nUnitID"/>
        <result property="unit.plateIdentity" column="sPlateIdentity"/>
        <result property="unit.unitType.typeName" column="sTypeNameTR"/>
        <result property="unit.department.departmentName"
        <result property="unit.nickname" column="sNickName"/>
        <result property="unit.driverName" column="sDriver"/>
        <result property="unit.device.simCard.MSISDN" column="sMSISDN"/>
        <result property="unit.driverMSISDN" column="sDriverMSISDN"/>
        <result property="unit.garageDoorName"
        <result property="unit.subRegionCode"
        <result property="unit.doorNo" column="nDoorNo"></result>
        <result property="unit.unitGPSInfo"

We are tracking 5000+ units and refreshing units in every 30 second in a
swing application. Which caching strategy is best for my situation. I am
waiting for your recommendations.Thanks.

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