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From "Mikael Andersson" <mail.mi...@gmail.com>
Subject Mapping reuslt to to java.util.Map with dynamic key(from column), possible?
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2007 13:28:23 GMT

I wonder if it is possible to populate a Map via a resultMap so that the key
is the value from a column and the value the value of another column?

I read how about to create a Map with pre specified key values in the PDF
documentation, but I couldn't find how to use dynamic key value.

public class MyVO{
private int id;
private Map<String,String> properties;

// getters and setters ...

Table design :
ID | type | value |
1  | xx    | val1   |
1  | xy    | val2   |
1  | yx    | val3   |
1  | yy    | val4   |

<resultMap class="MyVO" id="map1">
<result property="id" column="ID"/>
<result property="properties" resultMap="map2"/>

<resultMap class="java.util.Map" id="map2">

With the above table data I would like to have one MyVO object with a map
containing the following (type column dictates map key):
key="xx" value="val1"
key="xy" value="val2"
key="yx" value="val3"
key="yy" value="val4"


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