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From Chris Lamey <cla...@localmatters.com>
Subject Re: nearly time to give up on XA
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2007 17:02:01 GMT
I'm not doing XA with iBATIS, so I'm afraid I can't show you examples.

Have you looked at the examples that ship with jboss?


This has more detail, which may or may not help:


Also, make sure you look at the JBoss and Spring forums too.  There
might not be iBATIS specific help in them, but it seems to me that
you're really looking for generic xa transaction help.


On Fri, 2007-04-20 at 10:44 -0500, Mark Volkmann wrote:
> I'm nearing the end of four days trying to get XA transactions to  
> work. It's a complicated soup of technologies that have to come  
> together. I'm using the following.
> * JBoss 4.0.5
> * Spring 2.0.2
> * iBATIS 2.3.0
> * Abator 1.0.0 (generates Spring DAOs for iBATIS)
> * Oracle 9i and the i-net GATE JDBC driver
> * SQL Server 2000 and the JTDS 1.2 JDBC driver
> There are just too many parts to get straight!
> * spring-beans.xml
> * oracle-ds.xml
> * sqlserver-ds.xml
> * an Abator configuration file for each database
> * an iBATIS SqlMapConfig.xml file for each database
> * jboss-web.xml
> Due to all the variables in tool selection, it's really difficult to  
> find an example on the web that matches your specific situation.
> My code runs fine, but when I purposely throw a RuntimeException to  
> force a database rollback, it doesn't rollback. The acts as though  
> it's configured to do an autocommit after every database operation.
> I think what I need to see is examples of configuring XA datasources  
> in JBoss for
> * Oracle using the i-net GATE JDBC driver
> * SQL Server using the JTDS JDBC driver
> I'd really appreciated it if someone could email those to me.

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