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From dennis <denn...@visi.com>
Subject left outer join and resultmaps
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2007 01:40:04 GMT
Hi, I have question about how iBatis decides what query result value to 
load into a resultmap's property. Specically, the following query will 
produce a correctly constructed resultmap class with 'apples' usr_id set 
to a non-null value

select b*,c*,a*
from apple a, banana b
LEFT OUTER JOIN candy c on (c.usr_id = a.usr_id)
blah blah

when the result for the outer join does not return a  row  for  candy, 
while the  following query will  set  apples usr_id to null  when the 
same condition applies i.e. no row return for candy by the out join

select a.*, b.*, c*
from apple a, banana b
LEFT OUTER JOIN candy c on (c.usr_id=a.usr_id)

I suspect that iBatis is over writing the apple objects usr_id because 
the column names for the two tables are map to the same property name, 
and iBatis is just using the last seen value in the resultset to 
populate the value of apple regardless if the value actually came from a 
apple row.

Is this a bug?
I have tested this with iBatis and using postgresql 
driver 8.2-504.jdbc3.jar and jdk1.6.0, both iBatis versions behave the 

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