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From "Yusuf" <Yu...@ekalife.co.id>
Subject RE: Just Another Stored Procedure Question
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2007 03:07:28 GMT
Hi, thanks for the feedback...
Brad, Actually I forgot to mention that I have this entry in the sqlmap,
so I was referring to a class, not a parameterMap:
<typeAlias alias="hashMap" type="java.util.HashMap"/>
Jeff, using parameterMap and # syntax ran successfully, it just won't
return the value in the v_result OUT parameter..
I also have tried changing to question marks (?) like this : 
<procedure id="elions.bas.procCounter" parameterClass="hashMap">
but an Invalid Column Type Exception occured...
Actually I found another solution that worked, which is to convert the
stored procedure to a stored function, and remove the OUT parameter : 
FUNCTION generate_counter (
      v_msco_number    IN       NUMBER,
      v_lca_id         IN       VARCHAR2, 
      v_prefix         IN       VARCHAR2,
      v_suffix         IN       VARCHAR2,
      v_total_length   IN       NUMBER
and then call it using standard select :
<select parameterClass="hashMap" resultClass="string">
select EKA.SISTEM_KONTROL_SPAJ.generate_counter(#msco_number:number#,
#lca_id:varchar#, #prefix:varchar#, #suffix:varchar#, #length:number)
from dual 
but I'm still curious how to make this work... are there any other
thanks & best regards,

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From: Jeff Butler [mailto:jeffgbutler@gmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, February 21, 2007 7:56 PM
To: user-java@ibatis.apache.org
Subject: Re: Just Another Stored Procedure Question

Yes, also...
- If you use a parameterMap, then use question marks as parameter
- Else use parameterClass and the # syntax
You can't use both.
Jeff Butler

On 2/21/07, Brad Handy < brad.handy@gmail.com
<mailto:brad.handy@gmail.com> > wrote: 

It seems to me this configuration is the problem:

<procedure id="elions.bas.procCounter " parameterClass="hashMap">
                 #hasil:varchar#,#msco_number:number#, #lca_id:varchar#,

                 #suffix:varchar#, #length:number#)

You're using the "parameterClass " attribute and trying to reference a
"parameterMap".  Change the name of the attribute in your <procedure>

I'm still just a noob, but that seems like it could be a problem, if not
the problem. 


On 2/21/07, Yusuf < Yusuf@ekalife.co.id <mailto:Yusuf@ekalife.co.id> >

Really2 sorry for asking, i know this has been asked before many times, 
i have browsed through the docs, the faqs page, and the mailing lists, 
but i can't seem to make this work (oracle):

oracle procedure :

PROCEDURE generate_counter (
        v_result         OUT      VARCHAR2, 
      v_msco_number    IN       NUMBER,
      v_lca_id         IN       VARCHAR2, 
      v_prefix         IN       VARCHAR2,
      v_suffix         IN       VARCHAR2,
      v_total_length   IN       NUMBER

in sqlmap :

<parameterMap id="elions.bas.procCounter.param" class="hashMap"> 
        <parameter property="hasil" jdbcType="varchar" javaType="string"

        <parameter property="msco_number" jdbcType="number" 
javaType="int" mode="IN"/>
        <parameter property="lca_id" jdbcType="varchar" 
javaType="string" mode="IN"/>
        <parameter property="prefix" jdbcType="varchar" 
javaType="string" mode="IN"/>
        <parameter property="suffix" jdbcType="varchar" 
javaType="string" mode="IN"/>
        <parameter property="length" jdbcType="number" javaType="int" 

<procedure id="elions.bas.procCounter" parameterClass="hashMap">
#msco_number:number#, #lca_id:varchar#, #prefix:varchar#,
#suffix:varchar#, #length:number#)}

in spring dao :

public String selectCounter(int msco_number, String lca_id, String
prefix, String suffix, int total_length) { 
        Map map = new HashMap(); 
        String hasil = "";
        map.put("hasil", hasil);
        map.put("msco_number", msco_number);
        map.put("lca_id", lca_id); 
        map.put("prefix", prefix); 
        map.put("suffix", suffix);
        map.put("length", total_length);
        String result = (String)
getSqlMapClientTemplate().queryForObject(" elions.bas.procCounter", map 
        System.out.println("RESULT = " + result);
        System.out.println("HASIL = " + hasil);
        return hasil;

both the String result and hasil contains nothing... can someone help 
me? thanks

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