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From "Clinton Begin" <clinton.be...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [JDBC type = ARRAY / Java type = ?] iBATIS for Java 2.3.0 General Availability
Date Sat, 17 Feb 2007 19:52:04 GMT
The build number is very important...it's the only automated serial number
we have.

It doesn't matter to me where that number comes from.  SVN rev number is an
excellent suggestion.  But I don't want to downplay the importance of an
automated serial number.

I agree with Jeff's point, that there shouldn't be two releases with the
same version but different build numbers, and we never have.

Perhaps a new Ant/Maven task that grabs the revision from the current
working copy (because that's actually what you're building), but the task
should also check that there are no modifications...it's a bit tricky to get
it right actually.  The alternative would be a "fresh build" task that would
do a full checkout from SVN, note the rev number and then build from there.
Which is actually decent.

So to summarize, yes it's important and yes it could be more meaningful by
using the SVN rev number -- and it has to be automated.


On 2/17/07, Jeff Butler <jeffgbutler@gmail.com> wrote:
> I agree that the build number is useless.  Apache policy says that there
> are not different versions of a release.  So we really shouldn't have
> 2.3.0-638 and 2.3.0-677, we only have one 2.3.0 release (we've only broken
> that rule one time that I remember).
> I kind of like the way Derby does it.  The download is just Derby10.2.2.0,
> and they add the SVN revision number in the manifest Bundle-Version property
> (e.g. 10.2.2000000.485682).  I haven't looked at their build to see how
> they get the SVN number into the manifest - hopefully it's not a manual
> hack.
> I'd like to keep the version number on the name of the JAR file like we're
> doing now (ibatis-2.3.0.jar) - just lose the build number.
> Jeff Butler
> On 2/17/07, Larry Meadors <lmeadors@apache.org> wrote:
> >
> > OK, as I am digging through this, I see that we have this "build
> > number" thing on the download.
> >
> > I am wondering if we should change it to make that number have some more
> > value.
> >
> > What I mean is: "What does 'ibatis-' really tell me about
> > the build?"
> >
> > 677 is just an arbitrary magic number tagged onto the build.
> >
> > Should we use something like the SVN release number instead? That way,
> > I can very easily look to see *exactly* what has changed between
> > releases by doing this:
> >
> >   svn diff old:new
> >
> > That seems a lot more useful than 638 or 677.
> >
> > Thoughts? I am going to do the next release that way instead unless I
> > hear wailing and gnashing of teeth.
> >
> > Larry
> >
> >
> >

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