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From "Abdullah Kauchali" <abdullah.kauch...@isanusi.com>
Subject RE: How does iBatis know which connection object to use from a pool?
Date Thu, 08 Feb 2007 06:55:15 GMT

> Almost, but not exactly. ;-)
> The connection does not remain with the thread for the life of the
> thread, but rather the thread gets the connection from the pool (the
> pool marks it as used so no one else gets it), then uses it, then
> closes it (which just tells the pool that it can give it to others).

Cool, thanks - that makes sense.  :)

> I have not ever looked into if it checks for active transactions, I'd
> guess that the assumption is that they are clean.

I think it will be a great feature to throw an error if an attempt is made
to return a connection to the pool when it has a currently active
transaction - so, someone forgot to commit or rollback.  Just my 2c.

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