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From "James Johnson" <johnson.jam...@gmail.com>
Subject Caching by pre-loading
Date Thu, 04 Jan 2007 23:39:08 GMT
How does iBatis determine whether results are to be pulled from the cache or
to be queried from the database? For instance, if I have a query like such:
"select * from employee" and then follow-up with a second query of "select *
from employee where id=1", the second query appears to hit the database
instead of finding the employee object in the cache with id=1. Is there way
to have iBatis get the object from the cached results of the 1st query? Both
queries are in the same sqlMap xml have the same result map.

I'm trying to pre-load all employees at web application start so that the
first user request (for a given set of employees) doesn't take a hit on
response time. Most user requests are for 1-10 employees.

Thanks in advance.

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