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From "Robert Campbell" <rrc...@gmail.com>
Subject troubleshooting selectKey
Date Mon, 29 Jan 2007 10:41:21 GMT
I've used iBatis for a while, and selectKey without trouble. For some
reason, however, the following code won't work. It never calls setId() on
the object passed in as a parameter. Basically i'm getting an Oracle error
telling me id can't be null.. so selectKey isn't calling setId() before the
Insert as it should. Any ideas? Thanks everyone!

    <insert id="addUser" parameterClass="credential">
        <selectKey resultClass="java.lang.Long" keyProperty="id" type="pre">
            select gw_sequence.nextval as id from dual
            insert into credentials (
            ) values (



    protected Long id;

     * @return Returns the id.
    public Long getId() {
        log.error("******************* User.getId() returned " + id);
        return id;

     * @param id
     *            The id to set.
    public void setId(Long id) {
        log.error("******************* User.setId() set to " + id);
        this.id = id;

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