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From "Tom Henricksen" <T...@A-t-g.com>
Subject ConfigureAndWatch in Java iBatis
Date Fri, 26 Jan 2007 22:23:08 GMT
A co-worker of mine who use's the iBatis .Net mentioned the
ConfigureAndWatch method.  They can change xml files and the server
dynamically picks up the changes.


.Net Sample Code:

       Protected Shared Sub InitMapper()
           Dim handler As New ConfigureHandler(AddressOfConfigure)
            mapper = SqlMapper.ConfigureAndWatch(handler)
        End Sub 'InitMapper
In our Java code we get the SqlMapClientBuilder
Java Code:
public synchronized static void initSqlMaps()
        throws IOException {
        if (singleton == null) {
            String resource = "sqlmaps-config.xml";
            Reader reader = Resources.getResourceAsReader(resource);
            singleton = SqlMapClientBuilder.buildSqlMapClient(reader);
Is there anything similar to this in the iBatis Java side? 

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