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From "Joakim Olsson" <argo...@lingonpaj.com>
Subject Re: Complex Properties problem
Date Mon, 15 Jan 2007 06:49:05 GMT
I have had this problem since switching to Geronimo from a "clean"
Tomcat-environment too.

The problem is that Geronimo uses a newer version of CGLIB than iBatis is

I solved the problem by putting the correct version of cglib.jar in my
webapps lib-dir but I think it should also be possible to solve the
problem by using the <hidden-classes>-tag in the geronimo-web.xml to mask
out the cglib-packages for your application.

Best regards,

> Brandon Goodin napisa³(a):
>> I would recommend you turn on the iBATIS logging and take a look at the
>> SQL that is being executed and the parameters being passed in at the
>> time of failure. It appears to be a problem with the SQL being executed
>> for the author property to be populated with a User object.
> The problem is that the SQL for author is not executed at all.
> The first SELECT is visible in the log that is supplied. I've also
> turned on logging in MySQL server, so I can see every statement/query
> that goes to the server. So something happens after first and before
> second query to the server. Apparently null-pointer exception arise, but
> I have no idea why. Changing author to int property of article and
> removing select="getUser" from the sqlmap gives me a correct Article
> with correct user id (=1). Executing getUser(1) by hand also works fine
> - I get a valid user with all the data - and notice that the sql syntax
> for this statement does not change.
> Anyway thanks to your response!
> Greetings,
> -me.
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> --==--==----------------------
>    Witold Bo³t ::  ja@houp.info
> gsm#660316053 :: www.houp.info

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