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From Witold Bołt ...@houp.info>
Subject Re: Complex Properties problem
Date Mon, 15 Jan 2007 11:43:23 GMT
Joakim Olsson napisał(a):
>> Joakim Olsson napisał(a):
>>> I have had this problem since switching to Geronimo from a "clean"
>>> Tomcat-environment too.
>>> The problem is that Geronimo uses a newer version of CGLIB than iBatis
>>> is
>>> supporting.
>>> I solved the problem by putting the correct version of cglib.jar in my
>>> webapps lib-dir but I think it should also be possible to solve the
>>> problem by using the <hidden-classes>-tag in the geronimo-web.xml to
>>> mask
>>> out the cglib-packages for your application.
>> Uhm. From what I can see - my geronimo comes with cglib 2.1_3. Also
>> Spring uses this version. In iBATIS documentation it says that it
>> supports cglib 2.0, but I can't find this version anywhere (on
>> cglib.sf.net there are only 2.1_3 and 2.2_beta). Also - are you sure
>> that when iBATIS is set to useEnchancemnts="false" in sqlMapConfig, it
>> uses cglib?
>> Anyway I'll try with different application server in case it's geronimo
>> problem.
> I have tried with useEnhancements="false" as well but it didn't seem to
> help. Turning off lazy loading helps but causes other problems in my app
> since I depend on the lazy loading of course. :-D

I've tried turning lazy load and enchantments on and off in different 
combinations and got problems in all of those configurations. As it 
looks like from stack trace logs, cglib gets only used when both lazy 
loading and enhancement are enabled. In this case, error messages look 
slightly different, because of cglib-generated classes.

Anyway such select scenario that we are talking about SHOULD work 
perfectly (even if it's not optimal or smart to use;) without any 
magical enhancments and tricks, and it does not, and still it's unclear why.

> I found the correct jar by Google but it wasn't easy to find. I can send
> it to you tonight when I come home from work if you want it.

Ok. Please send it to my private mail address. Thanks!

> I think that <hidden-classes> can be used to mask out the cglib-package
> from the classloader for your application though. There was a thread on
> the Geronimo-list on hidden-classes just a couple of days ago.

I'll check on that.


   Witold Bołt ::  ja@houp.info
gsm#660316053 :: www.houp.info

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