The problem with pros and cons is that they change almost on a per project basis.

I'd suggest just adding the above comments to the "Feedback and experiences" section of the wiki page.


On 12/18/06, Eric T. Blue <> wrote:
IMHO, I think Larry and Nathan are both partially right.  I believe it's safe to say that discussions on the topic of persistence frameworks in Java are sometimes as intense as political or religious debates ;)  Personally, I think a high-level breakdown of the differences between frameworks would be good.  Even having a feature matrix that compares against some other frameworks would be helpful for people that are in the process of evaluating different solutions. 

Per Nathan's suggestion, I think it would be good to list some pros and cons of different approaches.  And, I would be careful how one product is categorized as better than the other.   Obviously, what's best is often subjective, so there should ideally be some specific benchmarks ( e.g. solution A's response time is faster than solution B w/ X concurrent users).

On 12/18/06, Nathan Maves <> wrote:
How about a more general description of the differences and usage.

BTW there is nothing wrong with stating reasons why our product is better then others at specific tasks.


On 12/18/06, Larry Meadors <> wrote:
Heh, that it would probably be considered "flame-bait'.


On 12/18/06, Nathan Maves <> wrote:
> These are all great success stories.  Coming from someone who has never
> tried Hibernate I love reading these.  What are some thought about putting
> together a page about IBATIS vs ORM (Hibernate)?
> Nathan