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From "Jeff Butler" <jeffgbut...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Using parameterMaps
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2006 00:14:33 GMT
Several things...

1. map is OK - it is a predefined type alias
2. java.util.HashMap is OK also
3. When using parameter maps, you must specify question marks in the SQL
instead of property names.  This is likely the cause of your problem.  For
this reason, I recommend that you forego the use of explicit parameter maps
altogether, the inline syntax is much clearer IMHO
4.  You don't need CDATA here (it's not causing the problem, but I think
it's bad practice to write a CDATA section unless you really need it - in
other words, very rarely)

So, I would delete the <parameterMap> and do this instead:

<select id="findOrderMasterByStatusAndOrderType"
  <include refid="OrderMasterBase"/>
  WHERE Order_Status = #orderStatus# AND Order_Type = #orderType#

Jeff Butler

On 12/11/06, Dave Rodenbaugh <drodenbaugh@wildbluecorp.com> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have a question regarding the valid values for the attribute "class"
> in the parameterMap.  So far, the docs make it clear that I can use
> pkg-qualified names there, but don't say much else.
> If I have:
>        <parameterMap id="orderByStatusAndType" class="map">
>                <parameter property="orderStatus"
> javaType="java.lang.String"/>
>                <parameter property="orderType"
> javaType="java.lang.String"/>
>        </parameterMap>
> That is used thusly:
>        <select id="findOrderMasterByStatusAndOrderType"
>                          parameterMap="orderByStatusAndType"
>                          resultClass="OrderMaster">
>            <include refid="OrderMasterBase"/>
>            <![CDATA[
>            WHERE Order_Status = #orderStatus# AND Order_Type =
> #orderType#
>            ]]>
>        </select>
> Is 'map' a valid value in the class attribute?  If it isn't, what if I
> want to pass data that aren't represented as a class/POJO/bean, such as
> a list of parameters--(I tried passing java.util.HashMap instead without
> much success)?
> Thanks,
> -Dave

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