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From "Larry Meadors" <lmead...@apache.org>
Subject Re: ibatis v hibernate
Date Tue, 19 Dec 2006 22:30:08 GMT
OK, per your request: I just talked to a developer who works for a
company that I worked with last summer (both of them will remain

While I was there, we had a mapped statement that was a monster -
about 300-400 lines long when you combined the result map and the sql
statement. To run it on my notebook (at the time a 1.4GHz Centrino w/
768M or RAM) it took 1-2 seconds.

After my contract ended, the lead developer left, and the next guy in
line decided that iBATIS was too hard, and that MDA+Hibernate would be
way easier, and just as fast.

Here is part of the conversation I had earlier today (names changed to
protect the guilty):

 my-friend-without-a-name@hotmail.com: if you thought the (monster)
was pretty bad...
 my-friend-without-a-name@hotmail.com: the new (monster) does 16000
queries for one of our
 larry_meadors@hotmail.com: :-|
 my-friend-without-a-name@hotmail.com: sixteen THOUSAND
 larry_meadors@hotmail.com: for the record...we did it with 1 (one)
single sql statement
 larry_meadors@hotmail.com: ONE
 larry_meadors@hotmail.com: :D
 my-friend-without-a-name@hotmail.com: ours takes 2 minutes to
complete on a dual xeon
 larry_meadors@hotmail.com: wow, that is impressive
 my-friend-without-a-name@hotmail.com: it's all about the big numbers
 my-friend-without-a-name@hotmail.com: 26k lines of xml
 my-friend-without-a-name@hotmail.com: 16000 queries
 my-friend-without-a-name@hotmail.com: 1 web page!
 larry_meadors@hotmail.com: everything else is priceless
 my-friend-without-a-name@hotmail.com: yes, the cost is infinite
 larry_meadors@hotmail.com: let's not quibble about semantics, here
 my-friend-without-a-name@hotmail.com: i figure we can handle about
three customers


On 12/19/06, Ron Chan <rchan@i-tao.com> wrote:
> Thank you all for some great feedback.  Especially the 2 for 1 deal from
> Clinton - an ORM discussion and a history lesson :)
> However, I'm still in search of "answers" - maybe it's because I'm not sure
> what it is I'm asking for, kind of like the answer to the ultimate question
> ;)
> I have tried Hibernate, many prototypes and tests, and one live app which we
> have supported and extended for over 2 years.  It has been an uphill
> struggle.  Although a lot the struggle was more down to moving from a
> "procedural with lots of SQL" mindset to a more OO paradigm, and much of
> what I have learnt thru doing it with hibernate would probably be applicable
> to getting more out of something like ibatis.
> I came across ibatis ~3 months ago, no learning curve at all and we have
> successfully delivered one small app already.
> What I'm looking for I guess, is positive affirmation that ditching all the
> hibernate hard work (not to mention many expensive books) and going down the
> ibatis path is the right route.
> It feels right, but still, I like to hear from other people with good
> experiences - would be really good if you can give brief description of what
> the problem was you were trying to solve or what the app was delivering.
> Rather than a like for like matrix type comparison, real "war stories with
> battle scars" would make it much more meaningful.
> Thanks
> Ron

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