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From "Fragner Werner" <Werner.Frag...@ams-engineering.com>
Subject Pluggable iBatis SqlMaps application
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2006 17:08:52 GMT
I'm using iBatis SQLMaps in a project at the company I'm working at. I
have the requirement to support OR-Mapping for newly added tables
without doing a new build of my application. So new features can be
added to the application without installing the whole application all
over again (some sort of plugin-mechanism).
My current solution is to add additional JARs to the classpath of the
application, that contain the required classes (DAOs, Domain objects,
Services) and the SqlMap XML files needed for the new feature. When the
application starts up with the additional JARs the new feature is
available for other applications and clients.
My problem is as following:
I have new SqlMap XML files in the additional JARs that should be also
part of the existing SqlMap config file (e.g., as a <sqlMap
resource="..."/> entry), but I don't know how to integrate these into
the config file.
I see two possible solutions:
1) Manually add an entry in the SqlMap config file every time a new
feature/JAR is added. But then I would have to alter the existing
installed applications (which is not favoured at all) every time I add a
new feature/JAR.
2) Add a new <sqlMap directory="..."/> XML Element that allows to
specify a directory where the iBatis SqlMap files are located in the
Is there an other (better) way to accomplish this (perhaps
I would very appreciate your thoughts on this.
P.S.: There are also two iBatis issues addressing this problem:
IBATIS-306, IBATIS-291 (created by me).


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