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From "Hariharan, Vadivelu \(IE10\)" <Hariharan.Vadiv...@honeywell.com>
Subject RE: ibatis v hibernate
Date Mon, 18 Dec 2006 03:11:10 GMT
Here are my cents on Ibatis Vs Hibernate




I started with hibernate and have used it extensively right from 1.X
release, at that time I had no clue about other popular ORM

Solutions, until I came across this article on javalobby.


In my organization many projects are using hibernate and they are still
in development stage, we rolled out the first application

Using Ibatis to production, I just have a single project experience on
Ibatis, but here are my thoughts.


1.	Learning Curve

To write good code in any technology, you need to be a champion in it, I
have met many developers who know hibernate but not masters in it

Learning curve with iBatis is the most simplest you can ever think of,
you can jump start as a plain JDBC developer and start with mapping you
DAO's with JDBC query


2.	SQL tuning

I believe that SQL tuning is DBA's job, in any enterprise application
you will go through this phase, and Ibatis is quite handy in here

As your DBA need not know about the technology you are using and simply
provides you the best optimized query, developers need to map 

The SQL's appropriately.


3.	Performance

Object creation is definitely increases memory footprint of the app and
increases GC cycles too, I guess hibernate Object graphs are much more

And traversal of the result needs more object creation as compared to


4.	Environment

We did not have any major issues to deploy the app on WebSphere
environment, while some of the other teams using hibernate have
complained about tons of issues


5.	Active group


Ibatis is been a fantastic forum, during our development stage we
reported a bug in Abator
(http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/IBATIS-348) and it was fixed in no
time, I guess community support is very important as well.


            Overall we have had a great application performance in the
production system, and the development team was more than happy to adopt
to this shift in technology.







From: Clinton Begin [mailto:clinton.begin@gmail.com] 
Sent: Saturday, December 16, 2006 3:24 PM
To: user-java@ibatis.apache.org
Subject: Re: ibatis v hibernate


I'll let the user community speak to the practical experiences, but at a
practices level consider the following at a philisophical level.

All databases are legacy databases.  Any database that is of any value
will ultimately become a dependency for more than the original
application it was built for.  Inevitably other systems will start to
report off of it, then perhaps write to it and ultimately will influence
changes to the design.  Unless they're all Java based applications using
the same domain model and ORM, it's likely you'll run into the problem
of a legacy design eventually, and the ORM will break down. 

In his blog[1], Ted Neward describes ORM as (forgiving the lack of
political correctness) "The Vietnam of Computer Science"[2].  His point
is basically that projects that start with ORM don't know what they're
getting into, and eventually realize that it's a losing battle. It's a
good point made in a very odd way.  ;-) 

To be fair, I'll counter my own point:  Designing for future need can be
a bad practice too.  It's counter to Agile methods and therefore you
might be better starting with Hibernate and then moving to iBATIS if or
when you need to. 


[2] Ted is an American who has family that fought in the Vietnam war, so
I won't judge the analogy. 

On 12/15/06, Ron Chan <rchan@i-tao.com> wrote:

there's a lot of "advice" around that says hibernate is better when you
complete control of the data model, and ibatis is better when you are
working on an existing database

i would like to hear from people who has had good experiences with
even though they are creating the data model from scratch, and how they
it's been better for them than using hibernate

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