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From "Rick Reumann" <ric...@gmail.com>
Subject Questions on allowing users to switch to a different datasource
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2006 16:31:16 GMT
I'm a slacker and not using Spring to create any iBATIS daos.

In my existing application I'd like to allow the user to be able to to
switch between going against a dev or test/qa db.

What I was thinking of doing is...

1) app start up (or lazy on first base dao call), I'd populate two
SqlMapClient objects (one dev, one test). This creates a bit of problem,
though, since I've been building the SqlMapClient object as
SqlMapClientBuilder.buildSqlMapClient(reader); -- but the reader reads from
the sqlMapConfig file which points to my datasource. I don't mind
duplicating that config file and have each point to the datasource I want,
but it seems there must be a better way to set it up since each file would
end up with all the duplicate sql map definitions, etc.

2) Users then get their own dao in Session which has a handle to either the
dev or qa SqlMapClient. If the user switches to another datasource (picks
from a drop down in the front end), the sqlMapClient in their dao instance
will point to the new one they chose.

I haven't figured out how I want to handle the service layer, but that part
won't be bad.

I'm more concerned at this point as the approaches others have taken.


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