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From Andreas Prudzilko <aprud...@welho.com>
Subject Complex mapping
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2006 04:45:38 GMT

is there any proper documentation on ibatis? All i found was a wiki-page 
with 30 pages or so and a small pdf. (If yes, could someone give me the 

Ok but here is my actual problem:

public class User extends ApplicationObject {
    private Map<UserData, UserField> userfields;

UserData is an Enumeration having a property "name". So basically a 
String but I use enums for type safety.

public enum UserData {
    private String name;

    UserData(String name) {
        this.name = name;

UserField look like this:

public class UserField extends ApplicationObject {

    private UserData userdata;
    private String content;

Well to put the problem quite simple:

I need to fetch from the table userfield all fields that have a given 
user.id and map the name column there on UserData objects, at last put 
it all into a HashMap.
Now I wonder how I am supposed to write the mappings. So far I have:

in user.xml

   <resultMap id="selectAllResult" class="com.youmove.domain.user.User">
        <result property="id" column="user_id"/>
        <result property="name" column="name"/>
        <result property="surname" column="surname"/>
        <result property="nickname" column="nickname"/>
        <result property="password" column="password"/>
        <result property="email" column="email"/>
        <result property="phonenumber" column="phonenumber"/>
        <result property="userfields" ?BIGQUESTION?/>

Something like this would explain it best:
     <result property="userfields" select="UserField.getFieldByUserId" 
/> and then map this all to a HashMap :-D

and of course I have also a userfield.xml with a result map.

    <resultMap id="userFieldResult" 
        <result property="id" column="userfield_id"/>
        <result property="userdata" column="userdata"/>
        <result property="content" column="content"/>
        <result property="visibility" column="visibility"/>

    <select id="getFieldByUserId" parameterClass="int" 
        SELECT * FROM userfield WHERE user_id = #value#

Or what is the best way to fetch the data? Maybe some type handlers or 
something. But again, I havent found any good documentation on it.

- Andreas

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