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From Andreas Prudzilko <aprud...@welho.com>
Subject Re: Connection session bound
Date Sat, 16 Dec 2006 19:29:15 GMT
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Hi Brandon,<br>
well i was just reading some hibernate tutorials and there were some
thought about binding a db connection at least to a http request to
gain more performance.<br>
Now im writing an ajax webapplication, so i have a lot of tiny http
requests. So binding the db connection there wouldn't make much sense.
So I thought, if its beneficial I would prefer binding it to a http
Well might be of course total bogus :-D. To be honest I'm not even sure
how the performance would improve especially since there is a
connection pooling to begin with.<br>
Any remarks on my thoughts?<br>
- Andreas<br>
 type="cite">I can't imagine a situation where I would tie a connection
to an HttpSession. What is causing you to consider this? If you can
provide some insight as to why you would want to do this we can provide
more pointed advice.<br>
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i was wondering about the connection pooling in ibatis. Is it possible<br>
to bind a connection to a httpsession?<br>
Or are there any pros and cons to do it?<br>
- Andreas<br>

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