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From "Brandon Goodin" <brandon.goo...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Pluggable iBatis SqlMaps application
Date Wed, 06 Dec 2006 02:41:46 GMT
This is a zit on the face of iBATIS. Runtime or programattic
configuraiton is not something that is possible with the current
version (2.3). In our discussions of iBATIS 3 we have made this a


On 12/5/06, Fragner Werner <Werner.Fragner@ams-engineering.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using iBatis SQLMaps in a project at the company I'm working at. I
> have the requirement to support OR-Mapping for newly added tables
> without doing a new build of my application. So new features can be
> added to the application without installing the whole application all
> over again (some sort of plugin-mechanism).
> My current solution is to add additional JARs to the classpath of the
> application, that contain the required classes (DAOs, Domain objects,
> Services) and the SqlMap XML files needed for the new feature. When the
> application starts up with the additional JARs the new feature is
> available for other applications and clients.
> My problem is as following:
> I have new SqlMap XML files in the additional JARs that should be also
> part of the existing SqlMap config file (e.g., as a <sqlMap
> resource="..."/> entry), but I don't know how to integrate these into
> the config file.
> I see two possible solutions:
> 1) Manually add an entry in the SqlMap config file every time a new
> feature/JAR is added. But then I would have to alter the existing
> installed applications (which is not favoured at all) every time I add a
> new feature/JAR.
> 2) Add a new <sqlMap directory="..."/> XML Element that allows to
> specify a directory where the iBatis SqlMap files are located in the
> classpath.
> Is there an other (better) way to accomplish this (perhaps
> programmatically)?
> I would very appreciate your thoughts on this.
> Thanks
> Werner
> P.S.: There are also two iBatis issues addressing this problem:
> IBATIS-306, IBATIS-291 (created by me).

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