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From "Jeff Butler" <jeffgbut...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Abator: Wish for Complex Model Generation
Date Thu, 30 Nov 2006 04:35:47 GMT
I'm glad you like Abator.

I've thought about relationships too.  I do think that the relationships
should be defined in the Abator configuration rather than reading the
foreign keys.

I've been using Abator on projects since before I released it a year ago.
In that time I've developed some usage patterns that, I think, make the best
use of the generated objects (I'll try to get something more substantive
written about that sometime).  The bottom line for me is that the Abator
generated objects give a huge jump start to a project, but they don't do the
whole job.

I typically use the Abator objects for all inserts, updates, deletes and
many selects.  I reuse the deleteByExample and selectByExample methods all
over the place.  But I also write custom selects to fill out my "real"
domain objects (for the most part, I don't consider the Abator objects to be
real domain objects).  These custom selects will often use joins and the
iBATIS groupBy support and other features to better match my real domain
objects.  All of this is well hidden behind a service layer that only deals
with the real domain objects.

With this usage pattern, Abator supporting relationships is a much lower
priority for me - because I don't consider the Abator objects to be real
domain objects, and I probably wouldn't want my domain objects to be
constrained to looking like DB tables.  The databases I work with are rarely
designed like an object model (because DBAs are not OO guys).  This is also
why iBATIS is such a good fit for many of my projects.  If the DB "looked
right" to me in the OO sense, then I'd probably go with Hibernate.

That's a long winded answer to say that I think doing relationships would be
interesting technically, but it is a lower priority for me because I'm not
sure how useful the generated objects would be in a real life iBATIS project
- after all, we're not trying to reinvent Hibernate :)

Could you elaborate on your XSD idea?  I'm not sure exactly what you mean.

Thanks for the feedback!
Jeff Butler

On 11/29/06, Joe Weder <jweder@gbg.com> wrote:
> Took a look at Abator... really nice.
> Ideally, for me, I think it would be awesome to generate mappings to first
> class business models instead of table classes. By that I mean complex
> models with object graphs. It would entail doing joins etc. I see iBATIS
> can
> handle this but ABATOR does not honor this when it extracts the foreign
> key
> relationships.
> I wish for ABATOR to be driven be maybe an XSD? DDL can be extracted from
> an
> XSD. There are ways to generate other artifacts from XSD. Business Object
> interfaces and implementations and marshalling code for example.
> Anyone else think this would offer huge potential for iBATIS?
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