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From "Macarron Miegemolle, Eduardo" <e.macar...@iberdrola.es>
Subject Problem when flushing caches by code on version 2.1.7
Date Thu, 30 Nov 2006 17:00:23 GMT

	Hi there,

	Or app has an isolated module that serves data that usually don´t
change. When we alter some rows at BD we call a method that is supposed to
flush all caches.

	This is our flush code:

	public void invalidaCacheNegocio() {

		log.info("Invalidando caché de negocio...");
		DaoManager daoManager = DaoConfig.getDaoManager();
		LiteralCacheDao dao = (LiteralCacheDao)
		// un DaoTransaction es un wrapper de un SQLMapClient
		// creemos que solo hay un sqlmapclient para todo
		SqlMapDaoTransaction sqlMapDaoTransaction =
(SqlMapDaoTransaction) daoManager.getTransaction((Dao)dao);
		// flush de todas las cachés
		log.info("caché de negocio invalidada");

	It runs into an Session bean with containter managed transaction.
iBatis is configured to use EXTERNAL transaction manager.

	Usually this method works fine but some days ago we have had some
errors. A dump analysis has revealed some interesting info:

      Waiters....... 33
    Thread information:
      Thread type..................... Servlet handler
      name............................ SoapConnectorThreadPool : 1257
      thread id....................... 0x5D3CCBA0 
      priority........................ 5
       state........................... CW
     Waiting on monitor................ java.lang.Object@31C2EB18/31C2EB20
       Waiting for web work............. no
       Executing web or local EJB work.. no
       Waiting for remote orb work...... no
          java.lang.Object.wait in null native=true
          java.lang.Object.wait in Object.java native=false
          com.ibatis.common.util.Throttle.increment in Throttle.java
          com.ibatis.common.util.ThrottledPool.pop in ThrottledPool.java
          com.ibatis.sqlmap.engine.impl.SqlMapExecutorDelegate.popSession in
SqlMapExecutorDelegate.java native=false
          com.ibatis.sqlmap.engine.impl.SqlMapSessionImpl.<init> in
SqlMapSessionImpl.java native=false
com.ibatis.sqlmap.engine.impl.SqlMapClientImpl.getLocalSqlMapSession in
SqlMapClientImpl.java native=false
          com.ibatis.sqlmap.engine.impl.SqlMapClientImpl.startTransaction in
SqlMapClientImpl.java native=false
com.ibatis.dao.engine.transaction.sqlmap.SqlMapDaoTransaction.<init> in
SqlMapDaoTransaction.java native=false
ansaction in SqlMapDaoTransactionManager.java native=false
          com.ibatis.dao.engine.impl.DaoContext.startTransaction in
DaoContext.java native=false
          com.ibatis.dao.engine.impl.DaoContext.getTransaction in
DaoContext.java native=false
          com.ibatis.dao.engine.impl.StandardDaoManager.getTransaction in
StandardDaoManager.java native=false
in FrameworkApp.java native=false
nica in ServiciosNatImpl.java native=false

	Notice that there are 33 threads bloqued on ThrottledPool!

	This problem is reported as a bug on 2.1.7 version:


	But it's too late for us to go a version up, and don´t want to use
not-GA versions so I would like to solve this on 2.1.7 maybe changing our

	I think there are two possibilities:
	- First: Include a dummy SQL sentence with a flushOnExecute. This is
a problem because we have lot of sqlmap xml files.

	- Second: Add this sentence to the cache-flush code:


		Here I need your opinion because I have a very poor
knowledge about iBatis internals. Does this sence make sense in our case?
Could it resolver the ThrottledPool deadlock?

	BTW, will this problem be fixed on 2.1.7 version?


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