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From Joe Weder <Joe.We...@hj3m.com>
Subject Re: Abator: Wish for Complex Model Generation
Date Thu, 30 Nov 2006 13:39:57 GMT


I understand. I realize its beyond the intended scope of Abator. Maybe this
is geared more toward helping with initial design, I don't know.

The XSD idea... been doing some research on replication and related things
we are working on. Seems like a lot of tools are beginning to be geared
around the XSD model. And so I was just extrapolating, I would love to have
a single model or models (XSD) from wich I could generate Domain Objects,
DAOs, DDL, and XML Marshalling stuff, etc. For DAO stuff we have been using
Spring/JDBC but recently really began using iBatis - which we just think is
the coolest. We don't use the DAO aspects of iBatis; just the mapping. 

Anyway, if there was a way to code generate a big chunck of the stuff one
needs from a well formed model it would be really cool. And, I think, good
for iBatis. 

Thanks for the feedback.

Jeff Butler-2 wrote:
> I'm glad you like Abator.
> I've thought about relationships too.  I do think that the relationships
> should be defined in the Abator configuration rather than reading the
> foreign keys.
> I've been using Abator on projects since before I released it a year ago.
> In that time I've developed some usage patterns that, I think, make the
> best
> use of the generated objects (I'll try to get something more substantive
> written about that sometime).  The bottom line for me is that the Abator
> generated objects give a huge jump start to a project, but they don't do
> the
> whole job.
> I typically use the Abator objects for all inserts, updates, deletes and
> many selects.  I reuse the deleteByExample and selectByExample methods all
> over the place.  But I also write custom selects to fill out my "real"
> domain objects (for the most part, I don't consider the Abator objects to
> be
> real domain objects).  These custom selects will often use joins and the
> iBATIS groupBy support and other features to better match my real domain
> objects.  All of this is well hidden behind a service layer that only
> deals
> with the real domain objects.
> With this usage pattern, Abator supporting relationships is a much lower
> priority for me - because I don't consider the Abator objects to be real
> domain objects, and I probably wouldn't want my domain objects to be
> constrained to looking like DB tables.  The databases I work with are
> rarely
> designed like an object model (because DBAs are not OO guys).  This is
> also
> why iBATIS is such a good fit for many of my projects.  If the DB "looked
> right" to me in the OO sense, then I'd probably go with Hibernate.
> That's a long winded answer to say that I think doing relationships would
> be
> interesting technically, but it is a lower priority for me because I'm not
> sure how useful the generated objects would be in a real life iBATIS
> project
> - after all, we're not trying to reinvent Hibernate :)
> Could you elaborate on your XSD idea?  I'm not sure exactly what you mean.
> Thanks for the feedback!
> Jeff Butler
> On 11/29/06, Joe Weder <jweder@gbg.com> wrote:
>> Took a look at Abator... really nice.
>> Ideally, for me, I think it would be awesome to generate mappings to
>> first
>> class business models instead of table classes. By that I mean complex
>> models with object graphs. It would entail doing joins etc. I see iBATIS
>> can
>> handle this but ABATOR does not honor this when it extracts the foreign
>> key
>> relationships.
>> I wish for ABATOR to be driven be maybe an XSD? DDL can be extracted from
>> an
>> XSD. There are ways to generate other artifacts from XSD. Business Object
>> interfaces and implementations and marshalling code for example.
>> Anyone else think this would offer huge potential for iBATIS?
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