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From C.Ze...@ads.it
Subject parameters for resultMap and other XML conf statements
Date Mon, 02 Oct 2006 15:30:05 GMT

Hi all
There are some explanations about how to "parametrize" the SQL instructions
contained by the XML config files
(cf. parameters and inline paramenters , pag. 16-17 of

We have a resultMap defined as follows

      <resultMap id="mapChiave"
            <result property="id" column="TIPO_DATO_ID"/>

the column (actually the name of a record type attribute) to be extracted
should be, in turn
   once TIPO_DATO_ID
   then VOCE_ID
   then FORMULA_ID

In this case we have not to parametrize a SQL statement but, instead, the
resultMap definition that should appear as

      <resultMap id="mapChiave"
            <result property="id" column="VOCE_ID"/>

and so on.

How is it possible to achieve the parametrization of the resultMap?A
Am I doing the right thing?

Thanks in advance for any help

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