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From C.Ze...@ads.it
Subject Dynamic packages
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2006 10:38:48 GMT

Hi all

I have to pass at runtime the package name to access its get_key_1(),
get_key_2(), ... methods

The aim is to get the feneration of the

   { ut_Tipo_Dato.get_key_2( ? )  }
   { ut_Voce.get_key_2( ? )  }

to retrieve data for stored package procedures such as

   procedure get_key_2
   ( p_tipo_dato_ID  out number(10)

Well, where to begin?

By using the $$ syntax ?

   $packageId$.get_key_2( ? )

Using both $substitution$ and #parameters# along with <iterate> (Dynamic
tables thread)?

Using Dynamic Mapped Statements? (pag. 46, iBATIS-SqlMaps-2_en.pdf)?

Unfortunately I have not found yet a simple and complete example provided
with both the  XML config specification and the mini Java snippet code that
exerts it.

I guess that we have to use any Map to provide parameters, but there is, as
well, che OUT parameter for the procedure itself.
How to combine the parameterMap, the JavaBean class (devoted to the
procedure parameters) and the $sobstitution$ parameters?

A complete example would be of great help to start!

Thanks in advance

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