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From "Hariharan, Vadivelu \(IE10\)" <Hariharan.Vadiv...@honeywell.com>
Subject schema prefix in abator generated files
Date Mon, 09 Oct 2006 03:51:27 GMT


I'm running on Spring 2.0 and sqlmap 2.2.0 build# 638



Here is a sample mapping file generated by abator, Spring throws me an error
saying that I have duplicate "abatorgenerated_Example_Where_Clause" elements


abatorgenerated_Example_Where_Clause elements in my mapping files, when I
investigated further I realized that

If I prefix each if the "id" elments with the namespace type, the problem is



For instance for the below mentioned mapping file , I need to prefix each of
the id elements with "RMA_CC_TYPE"


Can't abator generated the id elements with the namespace prefix, or is
there any setting I'm missing in my properties file




<sqlMap namespace="RMA_CC_TYPE">

  <resultMap class="com.honeywell.aes.beta1.rma.CCType"


      WARNING - This element is automatically generated by Abator for
iBATIS, do not modify.

      This element was generated on Mon Oct 09 09:01:36 GMT+05:30 2006.


    <result column="TYPE_CD" jdbcType="VARCHAR" property="typeCd"/>

    <result column="DESCRIPTION" jdbcType="VARCHAR" property="description"/>


  <sql id="abatorgenerated_Example_Where_Clause">




<select id="abatorgenerated_selectByExample"









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