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From "Reuben Firmin" <Reuben.Fir...@Copart.Com>
Subject Problem addressing list index in a parameter declaration
Date Thu, 26 Oct 2006 22:59:02 GMT
I have the following code:

public class Buyer
    private Address mailingAddress;

public class Address
    private List<String> addressLine;
    public List<String> getAddressLine()

In my insert statement, I'm addressing this as:

#mailingAddress.addressLine[0]#, #mailingAddress.addressLine[1]#,

When I start the webapp, I'm getting this exception:

[15:36:42.468] Caused by: com.ibatis.common.beans.ProbeException: There is no READABLE property
named 'addressLine[0]' in class 'com.copart.xxx.Address'
[15:36:42.468] at com.ibatis.common.xml.NodeletParser.processNodelet(NodeletParser.java:114)
[15:36:42.468] at com.ibatis.common.xml.NodeletParser.process(NodeletParser.java:75)
[15:36:42.468] at com.ibatis.common.xml.NodeletParser.process(NodeletParser.java:93)
[15:36:42.468] at com.ibatis.common.xml.NodeletParser.parse(NodeletParser.java:63)
[15:36:42.468] at com.ibatis.common.xml.NodeletParser.parse(NodeletParser.java:51)

What's wrong with my code?


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